Philosophy Hammer
Philosophy, Economics, Politics & Psychology Tested with a Hammer

Why are we?

The 5 goals or purposes that I envision for the club:

1. To learn some of the great philosophical ideas of our times
2. To think more critically and broadly
3. To learn from each other
4. To expand our minds outside the concepts, categories and sensibilities we have inherited
5. To consider and apply philosophical concepts to solve practical problems in our lives

Philosophy is often described as: "asking questions to which no one can give a definitive answer." In a sense this is true because philosophy asks the questions which cannot be answered by science or math or any other subject of study. But although some of these questions may not have definitively true or false answers, these questions always do have an answer for each and everyone of us (even if our answer is only implicit and unconscious). These answers especially ones to fundamental life questions always affect our lives and society. Among the many purposes of this club, three are to expand our awareness of these questions, to identify our assumed answers and to consider whether we want to continue believing our beliefs after critically examining their consequences for our lives.

I hope you will join me in this intellectual adventure.

James Jeff McLaren